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The core logic of Klywa Access is that there is no direct link between a User and a specific Target. It is the overlap between Role, Responsibility and Coverage that the system relies upon to deliver relevant Targets with the right content to each User. This allows Users and Targets to be added independently of each other.

The system can be used in parallel with other existing access solutions. This means that the system can be activated with a few Targets and gradually expand with more Targets as they are adapted to this system.

The hierarchies of a Domain are central and established with focus on access needs. There is no requirement that they exactly reflect existing hierarchies, minor deviations can easily be managed in the system. Most Targets where content need to be split is likely to follow consolidation levels already defined by a company.

To start with, initial users can be managed within a single Administration Area, and responsibilities can be configured on a personal level. However, this is not practical in a larger set-up with high turnover of staff and frequent changes in responsibility. Then it is more appropriate to use only centrally defined Responsibility Groups and associate them with specific Administration Areas.


  • Company The company that uses the access solution.
  • Domain One or more logical parts of a Company.
  • Hierarchies Each Domain consists of two hierarchies. These define the dimensions (in any number of levels) that a domain usually needs to be split in.
  • Target A Target is the definition of a specific “goal” that the solution should be able to control. This could for example be a QlikView application, a Power BI data model or an AD group.
  • Users The physical users of Targets.
  • Roles A set of access-related roles that link Targets and Users.
  • Slicers Slicers allows for highly customized access control and can both expand and limit the content of a Target for specific Users.
  • Coverage The content in a Target is defined by its Coverage (as a subset of the two Hierarchies included in the Domain of the Target).
  • Responsibility A subset of a domain’s two hierarchies that correspond to a User’s area of responsibility.
  • Responsibility Group A Company-wide defined Responsibility that can be assigned to a group of individual Users.
  • Administration Area A logical division of a Company intended to segment Users according to its organizational belonging.
  • Company Administrator A system user who can log in and administer all parts of the access solution.
  • User Administrator A system user who can log into the system, but only add and manage Users within the Administration Area to which the person belongs.


Additional documentation is available upon request.
  • Klywa Access – White paper
  • QlikView – Implementation guide
  • Qlik Sense – Implementation guide
  • Power BI – Implementation guide
  • API reference documentation
  • Target data model documentation
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