Why take your start-up all the way to Montreal?

There are so many business opportunities for Klywa in Sweden, why make the extra effort to go to Canada? We wanted to see if the challenges seen in Sweden, relating to access for users of Business Intelligence tools, are recognized also by organizations on other markets. The conclusion is clear, that the same is also […]

Access management as an automated process

Most organizations spend massive amount of hours involving most BI users to make sure BI-users have access to relevant applications and often requests for access has to be approved by a manager or application owner and then also administrated. During the last months we have been working on making access management automated. Connect Klywa Access […]

Very high interest in Klywa Access @ Qonnections

During Qonnections in Orlando last week, we met with many end-users and Qlik partners from all over the world. In conjunction with the sessions we had the privilege to discuss access challenges and demo our solution – Klywa Access, with many participants. We are overwhelmed by the positive interest and requests for continued discussions on […]