Extensive experience in Business Intelligence

Our company name Klywa is a twist of the Swedish word klyva – which means to chop wood into smaller parts. This is a metaphor for access management – slicing large data-sets into smaller and make accessible to users.

It all started in a wood heated sauna during a skiing trip to the north of Sweden, a few friends discussing our working-day issues and problems. “How come it seems all companies using BI tools are having the same struggle with handling accesses?”

During the following days, the subject popped up from time to time and when we got back to our normal lives this question and a possible solution was discussed when time allowed. After a lot of iterations, a solution to the problem seemed possible – and it was!

Klywa is the result of a bright idea, turned into reality by a team with extensive experience within BI, system development and UX. We have been in the epicenter of global access administration for over a decade and seen the challenges that many of us faces day by day.

With Klywa Access, we set a new standard regarding access management.

Team member – Håkan von Matérn / +46 70 398 68 32 / hakan@klywa.com