Why take your start-up all the way to Montreal?

There are so many business opportunities for Klywa in Sweden, why make the extra effort to go to Canada?

We wanted to see if the challenges seen in Sweden, relating to access for users of Business Intelligence tools, are recognized also by organizations on other markets. The conclusion is clear, that the same is also a valid on the Canadian market.

I had the privilege to talk to six large Montreal based corporations and they agreed on the challenges experienced by Swedish companies. Two of the corporations want to test our solution – one of the great outcomes of this trip.

Some of the challenges related to BI accesses that were discussed: • When users change jobs – add and remove users • New employees – right access from day one • Temporary employees – add and remove users • Time to administrate – as automated as possible • New application – who should have access • GDPR – who has access to sensitive data

The trip was made together with 20 other start-ups from Sweden together with four incubators. We have been visiting several of the Montreal based incubators and met with fantastic entrepreneurs – sharing experiences, knowledge and good stories.