The business intelligence area is developing fast, giving organizations excellent possibilities to visualize and analyze data. But some of the infrastructure around these tools has not seen the same progress - Access management is one area. Many organizations struggle with complex and time-consuming administration. Personal requests, approvals, adding more and more groups, with limited support and overview regarding “who sees what”. For larger BI installations, no solution seems satisfactory.


In a BI environment with hundreds or thousands of users, a more structured approach will result in significant improvements. With Klywa Access all users are grouped into generic roles, that will grant each user access to specific BI targets. All users working within the same role will have access to the same analytical “toolbox”. On top of that, the data content in each target is tailored for each user based on their current responsibility.


With this approach, there is a separation between users and BI targets. For example, when a new BI target for controllers is added, all controllers will get access to the application (with personalized content). The best part is that they don’t have to apply for it – they get it right away, just by being classified as a controller. Klywa Access is easy to use and implement – just test it and see for yourself.


Klywa Access is an access management extension to Business Intelligence platforms like Qlik, Power BI and Tableau. It is easy and fast to implement. Can be evaluated and deployed in parallel with existing access solutions. Available as cloud service or on-premise solution.

Increased ROI

Don't keep valuable data locked in expensive data marts just because you don't have a proper access solution. Make sure that all users in the organization that could benefit from a BI-target has access to it.

Risk mitigation

No more AD-group chaos - Klywa Access will adapt to your organizational changes and give each user access according to current role and responsibility. Complete visibility and transparency on who has access to what.

Push (not pull)

Make sure that all your BI-users has access to their needed tools - without individual requests and without a complex approval process.

Easy administration

Intuitive and simple - still extremely powerful and flexible. User administration is possible to delegate within the organization with remained security control.


Enable uniform handling of accesses
Provide overview and transparency regarding who has access to what
Be easy to implement, manage and maintain
Manage changes in a structured manner
Include both current and previously assigned accesses it should be!